Opt for cooks and auxiliaries who have at least a little experience with Italian cuisine.

You will also need a professional to be responsible for the wine list. Hire good
waiters (Italian restaurants are known for good service). It would also be
interesting to have a person with knowledge of the Italian language to be
responsible for the reception of customers.
These would be the most important functions that the restaurant needs, but it is
also necessary to hire an employee to supply other common needs, just like any
other restaurant, such as cleaning. As in any business, a good investment is what
will make the restaurant leverage having a return in a short time, contributing to
the establishment so that it becomes a reference in the area. The prices for
opening an Italian restaurant may vary depending on the equipment you choose
to use in your business. Some internet sites show that the investment can vary
between R $ 300 to R $ 700 thousand. Despite this investment considered high,
it is possible that in a period of 18 to 36 months the restaurant has already
reversed this application and is generating a profit. In the same way that
investment can vary, with earnings the story is the same.

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