In this text, check out the restaurant with fresh food and a festive lounge.

Gero Italian Restaurant Gero
The restaurant has a kitchen with no irregularities and a festive lounge, dominated by a public
as affluent as the one who frequents the parent house (Fasano). On the menu, the artisanal
pasta – and also the crispy zucchini chips on the cover – shine. A specialty from southern Italy,
the cavatelli modeled on the tip of the knife arrives at the table wrapped in a sauce of fresh
sausage, olive oil, shitake, shimeji and champignon.
End the meal with the memorable
Neapolitan pastiera, a ricotta-based dessert, rich in dried fruits and perfect in terms of
moisture. R. Haddock Lobo, 1.629, Jardim Paulista, t Consolação, tel. 3064-0005, Since 1994. Mon. to Thu. 12h / 15h and 19h / 0h; Fri. 12h / 16h and 19h / 1h;
Sat. 12h / 16h30 and 19h / 1h; Sun. 12h / 16h30 and 19h / 0h. Credit: A / D / M / V. Debit: M /
R / V. Couvert: R $ 12 (Mon to Fri. lunch) and R $ 21 (Sat. and Sun. dinner). Starters: R $ 40 to R
$ 60. Main dishes: R $ 60 to R $ 97. Desserts: R $ 19 to R $ 40. Executive menu: R $ 86. Valet: R
$ 20.

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