Home paints: monochrome

House painting in lexington
It consists of choosing different shades of the same color. For example, blue and its variations
from the lightest to the darkest, with turquoise, navy, royal or Tiffany blue for example. It is
another darling color matching technique in the decoration, due to its ease of application.
Choose your favorite color and prefer a light shade of paint colors to paint the interior walls.
Monochrome decoration colors of houses – colors of paints
The different colors of paint, house colors, wall colors and even objects provoke different
psychological sensations, instigating senses, communication skills or even favoring a more
calm or aggressive mood. See below a summary of the meaning of colors and learn how to
choose the most appropriate tones for your home, including decorative objects such as living
room paintings, based on what you want to visually transmit to your family or guests with the
colors of paints.
Strong and striking, it is one of the colors of paints that brings vitality and raises self-esteem in
people and environments. The tip is to mix different shades of red like wine with the color of
marsala, maple, among others so as not to overload the space. The red in the kitchen, as on
the kitchen counter below, sharpens the palate, instigates hunger and brings more pleasure at
the time of meals.

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