Home paints: follow some steps

Start by cleaning the walls. For this, you can use a mixture of water and detergent or, if the
wall is moldy, use water mixed with bleach (1: 1).
We point out that new masonry walls require a curing time of around 30 days – before that,
they are not fully ready to receive the paint.
Then, it’s time to sand the walls. The thickness of the sandpaper will depend on the type of
surface you will be working with: use a finer sandpaper (220 or 240) for firm surfaces without
too much excess in the plaster, 80 or 100 (thicker) in the parts with a lot of plaster. Leave the
surface very smooth, free of imperfections to receive the sealer in the next step
Once clean and smooth, the wall is ready for the sealer to be applied. Open the can and mix
well until a homogeneous material is obtained. In a tray, pour a certain amount of the product,
dip the roller – preferably wool – and then apply it to the wall with up and down movements.
Repeat another layer of this application, especially if the first coat was not applied as well.
The new walls tend to leave residues on the surface and have a high absorption rate – that is,
they “suck” a lot of paint. The Golden sealer waterproofs the surfaces, increasing the color
fixation, reducing stains and even the infiltration of rainwater. Infinity Pro lincoln house painting

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