Cheap to eat in Italy

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With a little know-how, anyone can get out of their translated menu or comfort fast food
zone and enjoy delicious and simple food in Italy, which is cheap and delicious. Here are
some articles to help you along this journey:
Different types of restaurants in Italy – This article helps to decipher the difference between
“trattoria” and “osteria”, and “rablet” and “bar”
How to find a good ice cream in Italy – There are bad places for ice cream and there is no
point losing the valuable property of the stomach with ice cream that is not noble
How to order ice cream in Italy – after finding good things, here’s what you need to know
to get (because the rules may vary from place to place)
Cheap dining in Italy: Starter – more or less than a happy hour, the “starter” is becoming
increasingly popular (especially in Italian cities) and can be a fun way to eat well and very
If you are already salivation at the prospect of dining in Italy and are not afraid to abandon
your old Italian food ideas in favour of what italians serve, then here are some articles that
gourmets travelling around Italy will find useful in planning trips.

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