Casa e Festa selected the main house color trends.

Home paint tones Check it out and get inspired:
Tones that convey tranquility
Coral, one of the main paint brands in Brazil, chose the shade “Praça no Inverno” as the color
of 2020. This shade inspired by the morning sky is in tune with the future and also with the
connection we establish with family, friends and nature.
According to Coral, “Praça no Inverno” is a versatile and calming color. It yields incredible
palettes and can be used in different rooms in the house, including living room, bedroom and
The blue whiting brings tranquility to the house
Eucatex, another paint brand, chose “Modernism” as the color of the year 2020. It is a shade of
light pink that translates feelings like love, affection, sweetness, tenderness and prosperity. It
is the best choice to renovate the walls of the house and improve feelings in times of crisis.
Other shades of light pink are also on the rise and make the interior design more delicate.
Another shade of pink to paint the walls

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