As for drinking, it is possible to choose classic drinks, such as Cosmopolitan or Moscow Mule, or wines selected by the house.

Arriving in the Northeast, we have in the capital of Ceará an excellent option for a
romantic dinner for two.
Among the romantic restaurants in Fortaleza, this one wins its place on the list due to
the scenario: Alchymist , guests dine in a pleasant garden with natural lighting.
On the menu, the cuisine is contemporary, with Italian influences and the presence of
typical ingredients from Ceará.
To accompany the food, the drink menu mixes authorial creations with international
It is enough to know that 6 out of the 10 most popular drinks in the world can be found
there – so there is no mistaking the order.
Now in the south of the country, talking about romanticism without mentioning Gramado
doesn’t work, does it?
Those who visit Serra Gaúcha agree.
Among the romantic restaurants in Gramado, this is probably the only one capable of
taking you on a journey through time.
That’s because the Belle du Valais has the decoration of a house of the aristocracy
of other times, making you feel in the 1920s or in theBelle Époque

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